MIT Lie Groups Seminar

MIT Lie Groups Seminar

Wednesdays at 4:30 in Room 2-143

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All seminars marked with an asterisk were followed by a seminar dinner.

Friday, September 5: Gerrit Heckman (University of Nijmegen), Hypergeometric covers of linear arrangements.

September 10: Yuval Roichman* (Bar Ilan University), A unified construction of Coxeter Group Representations. (This seminar is a joint meeting with the combinatorics seminar and will meet at 4:15 in 2-338.) abstract

September 17: Alexander Postnikov (MIT), Affine Weyl groups in K--theory and representation theory. abstract

September 24: Akshay Venkatesh (MIT), Microlocal lifts for locally symmetric spaces. (Joint with L. Silberman.) abstract

October 1: Bertram Kostant (MIT), Geometric quantization as classical Poisson bracket in two dimensions higher, and the emergence of exceptional Lie groups from classical coadjoint orbits. (Joint with Ranee Brylinski.)

October 8: Vasiliy Dolgushev (MIT), Equivariant Formality Theorem. abstract

October 15: Pavel Etingof (MIT), Matrix valued Macdonald functions. abstract

October 22: Nolan Wallach* (UCSD), Holomorphic continuation of generalized Jacquet integrals. abstract

No meeting October 29, because of Serre's lecture in the Number Theory seminar at Harvard.

November 5-12: David Vogan (MIT), Delorme's proof of Arthur's Paley-Wiener theorem. abstract

November 19: Tsachik Gelander* (Yale), Homotopy type and volume of locally symmetric manifolds. abstract

November 26: Eric Rains* (UC Davis), Vanishing integrals and symmetric spaces. abstract

December 10: George Lusztig (MIT), A q-analogue of an identity of Wallach.

December 17: David Kazhdan* (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Endoscopic decomposition of nilpotent distributions.

February 4: Adam Koranyi* (CUNY), Liouville-type theorems in parabolic geometry. abstract

February 11: Maxim Vybnorov (MIT), A quiver for the BGG category $\cal O$: recent developments and a combinatorial challenge. (This seminar is a joint meeting with the combinatorics seminar and will meet at 4:15 in 2-338.) abstract

February 18: Alexander Braverman* (Brown), Instanton counting via affine Lie algebras. (Partially joint with Finkelberg-Gaitsgory and Pavel Etingof.) abstract

No meeting February 25, because of the Simons lectures.

March 3: Bertram Kostant (MIT), Orthogonal polynomials, Gelfand-Zetlin bases, and the Gelfand-Kirillov conjecture. (Joint with Nolan Wallach.)

March 10: Ivan Cherednik* (University of North Carolina), Diagonal coinvariants and double affine Hecke algebra. abstract

March 17: Paul Bressler* (University of Arizona), Courant algebroids. abstract

No meeting March 24.

March 31: Jeff Adams* (University of Maryland), Nonlinear covers of real groups.

No meeting April 7.

April 14: Tara Holm* (UC Berkeley), Equivariant cohomology of the based loop group.

April 21: Alexander Elashvili* (Georgian Academy of Sciences), About the index of Lie algebras.

No meeting April 28, because of Stanley's lecture in the combinatorics seminar.

May 5: David Vogan (MIT), Generic unitary representations of classical groups over local fields (after Lapid, Muic, and Tadic). abstract

May 12: Michel Duflo (Paris VII)*, On restriction of discrete series to subgroups of reductive groups. (Joint with Jorge Vargas.)

May 19: Catharina Stroppel (Aarhus)*, Functorial knot invariants in representation theory.

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