MIT Lie Groups Seminar 1999-2000

MIT Lie Groups Seminar

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September 8, 1999: K. Kumahara, Hardy theorems for some Lie groups.

September 15: Tohru Uzawa, Compactification and its applications to representations of semisimple groups over finite fields.

September 29: Olivier Schiffman (ENS), Canonical bases of the Hall algebra of a cyclic quiver and a q-analogue of the Lusztig character formula for quantum gl(n) at a root of unity.

October 6: Bertram Kostant (MIT), Hankel transforms, Bessel functions, Laguerre polynomials, and the discrete series for SL~(2,R).

October 13: Shrawan Kumar (University of North Carolina), Study of Cotangent Bundles of Flag Varieties via Frobenius Splitting and Geometry of Nilpotent Cones.

October 20: Viktor Ostrik (Harvard), A basis in the equivariant K-theory of the nilpotent cone.

October 27: Pavel Etingof (MIT), Explicit quantization of quasitriangular structures on simple Lie algebras.

November 3: P. Trapa (IAS), Annihilators, associated varieties, and the theta correspondence.

November 10: R. Brylinski (Penn State), Star products and quantization of complex nilpotent orbit covers.

November 17: E. Mukhin (UC Berkeley), Verlinde paths and sl_2^ coinvariants. (Joint work with B. Feigin, S. Loktev, R. Kedem and T. Miwa.)

December 1: R. Bezrukavnikov (University of Chicago), A localization type theorem for representations of quantum groups at a root of unity.

December 8: L. Geatti (Rome Tor Vergata and MIT), Invariant domains in the complexification of a noncompact symmetric space.

December 15: W. Kuo (MIT), Principal nilpotent orbits and reducible principal series.

February 9, 2000: A. Braverman (MIT), Fourier type tranforms and L-functions.

February 16: A. Braverman (MIT), Fourier type tranforms and L-functions (continued).

March 1: Gopal Prasad (Michigan), The Congruence subgroup problem: a survey of known results and open questions.

March 8: Chris Jantzen (OSU), Discrete series for classical p-adic groups.

March 29: Mark Reeder (Boston College), topic to be announced.

April 5: Benedict Gross (Harvard University), Forms of D_4 and Niemeier lattices.

April 12: David Vogan (MIT), Lowest eigenvalue of the Laplacian on locally symmetric spaces (after Jian-Shu Li).

April 19: D. Pascovici (MIT), A combinatorial description of R-groups.

May 3: H. Lee (University of Copenhagen), Symmetry algebras of quantum matrix models in the large-$N$ limit.

May 10: M. Kleber (MIT), Schur functions, quantum affine algebras and a discrete dynamical system.