MIT Lie Groups Seminar 2001-02

MIT Lie Groups Seminar

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September 12: Bertram Kostant (MIT), "The generalized Cayley map and a separation of variables theorem for reductive Lie groups I" (joint with Peter Michor). CANCELLED.

September 19: Bertram Kostant (MIT), "The generalized Cayley map and a separation of variables theorem for reductive Lie groups II" (joint with Peter Michor).

September 26: No Meeting.

October 3*: Andrei Alexeevski (Moscow State University), "Classification of maximal commutative subgroups of compact Lie groups."

October 10*: Alexi Sevostyanov (ETH), "Quantum reduction, semi-infinite cohomology and Hecke algebras." CANCELLED.
Instead, we have our intrepid leader leaping into the breach to speak on "Admissible nilpotent orbits of real and p-adic split exceptional groups"- after work of Monica Nevins.

October 17*: Steve DeBacker (Harvard), "Homogeneity results for reductive p-adic groups."

October 24: Vadim Kaloshin (MIT), "Diophantine properties of elements of SO(3)."

October 31*: Hans Wenzl(UCSD/Harvard), "On centralizer algebras of Lie algebras of type E_N."

November 7*: Ian Grojnowski (Cambridge/Harvard), "The Hodge Theorem and Ramanujan sums."

November 14*: Jeff Adams (U.Maryland), "Character theory for nonlinear Lie groups."

November 21*: Alexandre Kirillov (SUNY Stony Brook), Topic to be announced.

November 28: Alex Postnikov (MIT), ``Grassmann Cells and Planar Networks.'' This meeting is joint with the Combinatorics Seminar, and will take place at 4:15 in 2-338.

December 12*: Dmitri Pavouchine(visiting BU), "Invariants and orbits of the standard SL(4)xSL(4)xSL(2)-module".

  • February 6*,
    Eric Sommers (U.Mass. Amherst)
    Local systems on nilpotent orbits and weighted Dynkin diagrams.
  • February 13*,
    Jasper Stokman (University of Amsterdam)
    The Fourier transform associated to the quantum SU(1,1) group.
  • February 20*,
    Giovanni Felder (ETH Zurich)
    Semiclassical deformation quantization and Lie's third theorem for Lie algebroids.
  • February 27,
    George Lusztig, (M.I.T.)
    Homomorphisms of A_5 into reductive groups.
  • March 6*,
    Michael Finkelberg, (U.Mass. Amherst)
    Calogero-Moser space and Kostka polynomials.
  • March 13,
    Victor Ostrik, (M.I.T.)
    Tensor categories (after Deligne).
  • March 20,
    Steve Devlin, (M.I.T.)
    Whittaker models for supercuspidal representations of metaplectic groups.
  • March 27,
    No Seminar.
  • April 3,
    David Vogan, (M.I.T.)
    Intertwining operators and Weyl group representations.
  • April 10,
    Bertram Kostant, (M.I.T.)
    Convexity theorems and partial order on nilpotent elements (based on orbit closures).
  • April 17,
    Joshua Scott, (M.I.T./Northeastern)
    ``Cluster algebras and Grassmannians.''
  • April 24,
    Adriano Adrega de Moura, (M.I.T.)
    ``Blocks of finite dimensional representations of quantum affine algebras.''
  • May 1,
    Sergei Loktev*, (M.S.R.I.)
    ``Coinvariants and level restricted Kostka polynomials.''
  • May 8,
    No seminar -- do the decent thing and go and hear MacPherson.
  • May 15,
    Norman Wilberger*, (U.N.S.W.)
    ``Quarks, diamonds, and unexpected symmetries.''
    Joint with the combinatorics seminar.