18.091 (Fall 2005): LATEX INFORMATION

LaTeX is the typesetting system universally used to communicate matheamtics. It provides the best and (after you get used to it) the easiest way to typeset all manner of mathematical expressions. Learning LaTeX is an important part of your mathematical education because it is the standard means of producing math papers and books.

Template for LaTeX documents. This is a rudimentary vanilla template, but it should get the job done. Feel free to ignore this template, though you still must typeset your papers with LaTeX or a close relative.

Sample document (LaTeX file and output file) prepared using above template and containing some basic LaTeX information.

Example of a survey math paper written in AmS-LaTeX: LaTeX file and output file. Password required. This paper is written for a more advanced audience than the audience for this course (MIT math majors), so do not try to understand the mathematics. Use it for suggestions of style, layout, use of LaTeX, organization, etc. The figures in the pdf file came from inputted eps files which are not part of the source file itself. The bibliography format was required by the publisher and is a little nonstandard, e.g., the omission of "and" from a list of multiple authors.

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