Tuesday-Thursday 12:30-1:45, Ungar 411

The topic will be symmetric functions. Most of the material will come from Chapter 7 of the lecturer's book Enumerative Combinatorics, volume 2.

Office hours: Tuesday, Thursday 2-3 (in UB547), or by appointment

Problem sets. Problem sets will be due about once every two weeks.

Most, if not all of the problems, will be selected from here. Problems should be solved primarily on your own. Some "reasonable" collaboration is permitted, but you shouldn't just obtain the solution from another source. Do not hand in a solution that you did not obtain on your own or did not obtain by collaboration with another student in the course! Problem sets will be due about every 10-14 days, except for the first problem set (in order to get a quicker idea of the suitability of the problems).

Problem assignments


On April 26 there will be an in-class quiz which will count 20% of the total grades. Another 5% will be based on class participation and attendance. The remaining 75% will be based on the problem sets.