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Topics (as time permits)

  1. Hodge decomposition for compact tex2html_wrap_inline19 manifolds.
  2. Compact manifolds with boundary - relative and absolute homology.
  3. Stratified spaces and pseudomanifolds.
  4. Resolutions of pseudomanifolds and iterated fibrations.
  5. Manifolds with conic, horn-like and cusp-like boundaries.
  6. Admissible metrics.
  7. Self-adjoint extensions of tex2html_wrap_inline15 , ideal boundary conditions.
  8. Resolution of products and parametrices.
  9. Hodge decomposition and tex2html_wrap_inline17 cohomology.
  10. Intersection homology and duality.
  11. Kähler package.
  12. Global invariants

Richard B. Melrose
Mon Feb 3 22:24:32 EST 1997