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I am off the job market. I have accepted an assistant professor position at University of Georgia.

I am a postdoctoral fellow supported by the National Science Foundation working at MIT (mentor: Roman Bezrukavnikov). My research lies in an area of algebra called geometric representation theory. I enjoy thinking about categories of perverse and coherent sheaves related to Lie theoretic data. Some keywords related to things I've been thinking about include affine Grassmannian, affine flag manifold, exotic sheaves on the Springer resolution, generalized Springer correspondence, geometric Satake, Lusztig's character sheaves, modular representation theory, semi-infinite flag manifold, and Whittaker sheaves..

I completed my Ph.D (08.09.13) under the direction of Pramod Achar at Louisiana State University. My thesis work involved proving formality for the Springer block of (constructible) sheaves on the nilpotent cone. This required the construction of a suitable mixed version of the (equivariant, l-adic) category of sheaves on the nilpotent cone. You can find a copy of my thesis here.

research articles

post date co-author(s) entry title
09.25.2014 with A. Russell Perverse Sheaves on the Nilpotent Cone and Lusztig's Generalized Springer Correspondence, to appear in Proceedings of Southeastern Lie Theory Workshop Series, arXiv:1409.7132.
08.29.2014 with P. Achar The affine Grassmannian and the Springer resolution in positive characteristic, arXiv:1408.7050.
05.08.2013 with P. Achar Parity sheaves on the affine Grassmannian and the Mirkovic--Vilonen conjecture, to appear in Acta Math., arXiv:1305.1684.
06.19.2012 none Formality for the nilpotent cone and a derived Springer correspondence, Adv. Math. 235 (2013), 208-236.

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You can reach me by email at laurajoy@mit.edu.

Find me on campus: E18-477.

Here is my curriculum vitae, updated October 2015.

Freshman Seminar on the seven millenium problems. Syllabus.

Representations of Lie groups 18.757 course webpage.

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