Not Easily Available Papers of Victor Kac

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  3. Simple Lie groups and the Legendre symbol, Lecture Notes in Math. 848 (1981), 110-124.
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  6. Constructing groups associated to infinite-dimensional Lie algebras, Proceedings of the conference on Infinite-dimensional groups, Berkeley 1984, MSRI publ. #4, 1985, 167-216.
  7. (with D. Peterson) Defining relations of certain infinite-dimensional groups, Proceedings of the Cartan conference, Lyon 1984, Asterisque, 1985, Numero hors serie, 165-208.
  8. (with D. Peterson) 112 Constructions of the basic representation of the loop group of E8, Proceedings of the conference "Anomalies, geometry, topology," Argonne, 1985. World Scientific, 1985, 276-298.
  9. ( with D. Peterson) Generalized invariants of groups generated by reflections, in Proceedings of the Conference Giornate di Geometria, Rome 1984. Progress in Math. 60, Birkhäuser, 1985, 231-250.
  10. (with M. Wakimoto) Unitarizable highest weight representations of the Virasoro, Neveu-Schwarz and Ramond algebras, in Proceedings of the Symposium on conformal groups and structures, Claustal, 1985. Lecture Notes in Physics 261 (1986), 345-372.
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