Some video captures

  • "The norm functor and MU^{((G))}," In Hot Topics: Kervaire Invariant, MSRI 25 Oct 2010. Conference lecture

  • "Some things I learned from Doug: The origins of chromatic homotopy theory," Homotopy Theory in the Ecliptic, Reed College 7 Nov 2017. Conference lecture

  • "Some homological localization theorems" Homotopy Theory: Tools and Applications, UIUC, 17 July 2017. Conference lecture

  • Mathematics Project Lab Course Introduction, 30 Jan 2014. Classroom discussion

  • "Undervalued currency of culture in higher education," Webinar for Jameel World Education Laboratory, 15 October 2020. Webinar

  • "Webinar on Ubai Aboudi and Palestinian Prisoners" Webinar for Samidoun, 19 April 2020. Webinar

  • "Impact of the Israeli Occupation on Palestinian Science, Education, and Research," Webinar for Scientists for Palestine, 26 September 2020. Webinar

  • "Conversation with Ubai Aboudi" Webinar for Scientists for Palestine, 8 November 2020. Webinar and Facebook copy

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