Some random notes

  • Some notes on the Nishida relations and the Singer construction, .pdf.

  • Lecture notes on a proof (with Jean Lannes) of Browder's theorem using characteristic numbers for manifolds with corners, .pdf.

  • "Speculations around the immersion conjecture," .pdf, notes from a talk in the Thursday seminar at Harvard.

  • A note on the topological Riemann-Roch theorem, .pdf.

  • Nonabelian cohomology and obstructions, following Wojtkowiak: .pdf.

  • Notes on "Verdier systems." .pdf

  • Some notes on the case p=2, n=1 of Fred Cohen's thesis. .pdf.

  • Some notes on Clark Barwick's theory of operator categories. .pdf.

  • Notes on Toda's realization theorem. .pdf

  • A conjecture about the Adams E^2 term for the sphere in a wedge under the vanishing line, .pdf.

  • A note on the Kervaire invariant and the Hopf invariant on a Moore space, .pdf.

  • Easy stuff on the homotopy fixed point set of the action of a group on B pi induced by an action on pi. .pdf

  • A note on the combinatorics of rack cohomology, .pdf.

  • A note on Beck modules over a Poisson algebra .pdf.

  • A note on "vertex algebroids," .pdf.

  • A conjecture about the structure of the bar construction spectral sequence for an iterated loop space, .pdf.

  • A note on crossed products of categories, .pdf

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