Miscellaneous notes

In the summer of 2009 I taught a mini-course of group theory for high school students. Please find the notes for this course here:
  • Notes on group theory
    In particular, we discussed how to tell the type of a 2-dimensional wallpaper pattern, and used this diagram:
  • Diagram to distinguish wallpaper patterns
    This is my unpublished paper with W. Feit from 1993:
  • paper with W. Feit
    This is my talk at Drinfeld's seminar at the University of Chicago on November 10, 2008:
  • talk
    This is my note on modular data:
  • note
    This is my note with E. Rains on Duijstermaat-Heckman measures of coadjoint orbits, proving a conjecture of Coquereaux and Zuber.
  • note

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