Talks (2004)

Advances in Random Matrix Theory: Let There be Tools (Power Point )
35 minute talk in Barcelona: 6th World Congress of the Bernoulli Society ...

Fast Multipole: It's All About Adding Functions in Finite Precision (Alan Edelman and Per-Olof Persson) (Power Point --some animation)
40 minute talk at University of Maryland, College Park, Multipole workshop
(Ideas significantly updated from 2002 talk)

Talks (2003)

Stochastic Differential Equations and Random Matrices (Alan Edelman) (Power Point)
10 minute contributed talk at the SIAM03 Applied Linear Algebra Meeting in Williamsburg, Virginia

Colors:Desktop Monitor to the Big Screen (& back) (Alan Edelman & Frank Wang) (Power Point)
45 minute lunchtime talk to the MIT Graphics Group on April 25, 2003

Talks (2002)

Applied Geometrical Matrix Computations (Alan Edelman) (Power Point)


Why are Random Matrices Cool? (Alan Edelman) (Power Point)


How to build a Beowulf (Ron Choy) (Power Point)


The Fast Multipole Method: Itís All about Adding Functions

Talks (some older talks)

The Mathematics of The Pentium Flaw
(Some characters in old mac format. Not a big deal. Someday I'll fix up.)