Research Philosophy

Professor Alan Edelman has lead a somewhat unusual life proving "pure math" theorems in random matrix theory, developing numerical algorithms, and improving software for high performance computing. He has found that the theory and the practice go hand in hand. While many suppose that the mathematics might suggest how to compute, the surprise is that the computing suggests how to do the mathematics.

Edelman's current research passions:

  • What is it about Hermite, Laguerre, Jacobi that binds together so much mathematics and computing? (There are hundreds of perfectly valid answers to this question, none of which are yet completely satisfying.) Clues are to be found in random matrix theory and in matrix computations (eig, svd, gsvd).
  • Julia: A Fresh Approach to Technical Computing: Technical computing languages let data scientists explore their data sets, engineers model their structures, and scientists explore their models. We are building a technical computing language that is Until now, most researchers thought all of the above were impossible.

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