I am interested in fluid dynamics problems that may be readily observed in a laboratory setting. To this end, I direct the Fluid Dynamics Laboratory in room 2-031 in the basement of the Department of Mathematics. My approach to research involves an interplay between experimental and theoretical modeling techniques, and is focussed towards identifying and elucidating new fluid dynamical phenomena.

    My three principal research areas might be categorized as Geophysical and Environmental Fluid Dynamics, Surface Tension-Driven Phenomena, and Biofluidynamics.

    To see a number of images of my experiments, go to the Fluid Dynamics Photo Gallery.

Geophysical and Environmental Fluid Dynamics
  • Plume Dynamics
    • Hydrothermal Plumes
    • Thermohaline Convection in the Arctic Ocean
  • Stratified Spin-up
  • Sedimentation in Stratified Fluids
  • Particle clouds in homogeneous and stratified ambients
  • The Boycott effect in a stratified fluid
  • Tumbling metal droplets: the dynamics of tektites

Surface Tension-driven Phenomena