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Number Theory Seminar

For the academic year 2007-2008, this seminar is being co-organized by Ben Brubaker and Kiran Kedlaya. For more information about the seminar, contact Ben Brubaker.

The seminar meets Thursdays at 4:00pm in 2-143 unless a colloquium talk is scheduled at MIT (as indicated on the dates below) or otherwise noted.

Abstracts are linked from the talk titles, as provided.

Talks from FALL '07 SEMESTER:




September 13  COLLOQUIUM
Leonid Polterovich
(Tel Aviv)
Symplectic Quasi-States (Rm. 4-370)
September 20  David Whitehouse
Applications of the relative trace formula to central L-values
September 27  COLLOQUIUM
Paul Sally
Supercuspidal representations (Rm. 4-370)
October 4  Fernando Rodriguez Villegas
Mixed polynomials of character varieties
October 11  Karl Mahlburg
Partition statistics, Quasi-mock theta functions, and weak Maass Forms
October 18  Ken Ono
Heegner divisors, L-functions, and Maass forms
October 25  John Voight
Enumeration of Totally Real Fields
November 1  Henry Cohn
(Microsoft Research) 
Hyperbolic Sphere Packing
November 8  COLLOQUIUM
Jeffrey Adams
TBA (Rm. 4-370)
November 15  FIELD TRIP
(TO BC) 
Akshay Venkatesh to speak in the BC colloq.
November 29  COLLOQUIUM
Carlos Kenig
TBA (Rm. 4-370)
December 6  Abhinav Kumar
K3 surfaces and real multiplication