Graduate student seminar on pseudoholomorphic curves

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 4:00-5:30, MIT, room 2-146

This seminar is aimed at graduate students interested in symplectic geometry and related areas, and will try to give a comprehensive introduction to pseudoholomorphic curves. Most of the talks will be given by students. (For a more advanced seminar on a similar subject, try the symplectic dinner seminar organized by Chris Wendl).

The main reference for the first part of the seminar is: D. McDuff, D. Salamon, J-holomorphic curves and symplectic topology, American Math. Society, 2004.

One of the two weekly meetings (Tuesday) will be more structured, with postdocs and faculty welcome to attend, while the other weekly meeting (Thursday) will be completely informal.

Contacts: Y. Lekili, D. Auroux, K. Wehrheim

Program of the seminar

(Tuesday meetings only)